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Chartered in 1890 - Lodge built in 1895

Designated a King County Washington Landmark in 1994

Entered in the National Register of Historic Places in 2005
View a copy of the Nomination.

"The tallest building in town."

4304 337th Pl. SE
Fall City, WA  98024

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Falls City Masonic Lodge No. 66 would like to INVITE you to,
"Ask About Freemasonry!"
It is amazing to think of the number of men out there that would like to join the fraternity but just don't know how to go it.
Here's the BIG SECRET:
Freemasons are specifically prohibited from 'recruiting' new members to The Craft (You'd also have to ask to find out why.) This means that if you don't ask, we won't ask you.
If you WANT TO JOIN, just ASK and we'll explain the whole process to you.
"Knock and the door shall be opened."

Falls City Masonic Lodge sadly announces that the ANNUAL PANCAKE BREAKFAST AND FUNDRAISER has been indefinately suspended.
For many years,the pancakes, sausage, and scrambled eggs rolled out of the Lodge in an effort to raise money to support our charitable activities.
However, putting on this event has become increasing complex with permits, staffing, and logistics. For now, we need to explore other avenues of raisiging charity funds in lieu of flipping flapjacks. We thank you for your many years of support.
We note that if there is sufficient community interest, we can take up the breakfast event again in the future. Just let your Masonic friends know your thoughts, or better yet, come and get directly involved!
Our charitable activities continue to include helping the Fall City Learning Garden and P-Patch, funding to encourage STEAM classes at our local schools (science, technology, engineering, arts, and math), disaster relief assistance, red cross center participation, discounted rental rates for non-profit organizations looking for meeting space, discounted rental rates for numerous Boyscout and Girlscout programs, aiding the Fall City Food Pantry, and many more community centric activities.
Come see us at our other upcoming Fall City Day activities durring your stroll through Fall City Days and the Parade!

September thru May:  Meets 2nd Saturday
June:                              1st Saturday
July & August:              Dark

         How do you become a Mason?

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         Rainbow Girls

         District 7 Lodges

         Royal Arch Chapter #54

         Goose & Gridiron Lunch Club

         Masonic Park - Granite Falls

The vision of Falls City Lodge is to be the leading fraternal organization in the lower Snoqualmie Valley appealing to moral and principled men of all faiths and their families.

We welcome any inquiries concerning Masonry.

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